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Rules and Tricks of the game
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1. No Hands (except when serving), No Arms - Shoulders are technically allowed and are widely accepted among the average hack circle.

2. Always serve the bag to someone else, unless of course you are alone. Footbag is traditionally a game of courtesy, hence "The Courtesy Toss": a light lob usually toward the receivers knee.

3. Don't bogart that bag. - Don't always hog it 'till you drop it because that sucks for everybody else. Being able to pass well is important to almost all footbag games.

4. Don't say "sorry". Everyone makes mistakes, especially when learning, so sorries are unneccissary.

5. Try not to give knee passes Passes from the knee tend to go strait to the ground.

6. Don't play past .09 (blood-alcohol level) - You will only get frustrated, and you might loose the Bag. It is also next to impossible to play with a drink in your hands.


Basic and Advanced Tricks

Toe Delay - Stall the hacky sack on top of your foot.

Clipper Kick - Kick the hacky sack with the inside of your foot, from behind your support leg.

Inside Delay - Stall the hacky sack on the inside of your foot.

Around The World Kick - Circle the hacky sack with your foot/leg between toe kicks.

Outside Delay - Stall the hacky sack on the outside of your foot.

Flying Inside - An inside kick while in mid-air.

Flying Outside - An outside kick while in mid-air.

Forehead Delay - Stall the hacky sack on your forehead.

Knee Delay - Stall the hacky sack on your knee.

Flying Clipper ( also called Jester ) - Kick the hacky sack with the inside of your foot, from behind your support leg while in mid-air.

Spin - Spin around between kicks/delays.

Back Stab - Behind your back you blindly kick it with the soul of your shoe, sending it forward over your head again.

Toilet Stall - Catch the hack in between your thighs in a sitting position. (drop hack through legs and hit)

Pendulum - Stall hack on toe. Bring your foot/leg straight back and launch the footbag over your head into play.

Hewy - catch hack in the knee pit (back of knee). Turn and extend leg fully with force and pop the sack back into circle.

Hat Brim Stall - self explanatory

Rainbow Kick-Do an outside kick makin the hacky sack go over your head and do another outside kick with your other foot. (keep this goin for a while and you will draw a cround).

Rainbow Stall-Do a rainbow kick but instead of kickin it again do an outside stall.

Neck Stall-stall the hacky sack on the back of your neck.

Soul Stall-Stall the hacky sack behind your back on the soul of your foot.

Clipper Stall-Stall the hacky sack in a clipper position.


The Hacky Sackin Circle