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Hey everyone, i wanted to inform everybody that i am back. As soon as i finished building this site about 2 years some stuff happened in my life and i made alot of changes. About a month ago i was goin through some boxes that i had stashed away and i found my old hacky sack. I decided to take a break and see if i could still hack it up. Seein how it had been about 2 years since i even touched a hack i could only kick it about 15 times. I was startin to remember how much fun it was and after about an hour i shattered my old record. I kicked it 823 times! I was surprised. So i figure i would get on the computer and look at this site which i hadn't thought of in a long time. I looked at the guest book and i was surprised to see how much people loved my site. So i'm back everyone. I will be putting more pictures and stuff on. And my aol screenname has changed to CVSIBANEZ and my hotmail address has changed to Get ahold of me sometime and i will tell ya'll what all changes i went through and what other stuff i have come up with.

My website may not be much now. But I will be adding stuff every month. So come back often.

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If you need to contact me i have aol, yahoo, and msn messangers.
msn-same as my email address

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.